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Friday, December 16, 2011

What to do with Race Bibs

The other day I came across a bunch of race bibs and wondered what I'd do with them. Today, I came across these ideas on Etsy. SO COOL! (Hint: Christmas is in a week and my birthday is in April.)

Running Bib Hanger: Isn't this so much cuter than having a pile of bibs stuffed in a drawer somewhere?

Race Bib Coasters: You send in your race bib and it comes back as a coaster. Too bad nothing in my house is nice enough to warrant a coaster but maybe someday.

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Allie said...

Hi Emily,
This is James Stuart's wife. Your hubby gave us the link to your blog after the Santa Run. I love your blog! It is so relatable. Funny that you posted this b/c I actually gave te race bib holder to my runnin partner for Christmas. Such a clever idea since my bibs end up being shoved into a file. Hope your fam has a wonderful Christmas!