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Monday, December 12, 2011

Meet Christa

My running buddy Andria introduced me to an awesome hair stylist/running named Christa. It's great because when I go to get my hair cut and colored she makes me look cute (seriously, she's super talented) and talks about running. Perfect scenario right?! If you're needing some inspiration, read her story below. If you need a hair cut or total hair make-over (what I needed), contact her for an appointment (info below).

About 2 years ago, I was dating a guy that told me I was the biggest girl he'd ever dated. Needless to say, we broke up and my roommate at the time, had run his first half in November (Route 66) and invited me to run the Full Moon 5K. I started to object that it was TOO FAR, but he replied, "Christa - it's JUST 3 miles". Feeling a little silly and even more pressure, I said yes and because I didn't want to look stupid, started running around a little mile circle in the park next to my house. First day: one lap. Next time: one lap, walk through the middle, one more lap. And so I continued until I could run 3 laps, without walking. After completing my first 5K and watching the thousands of people have such a great time at the race, I wanted to do it again! So I just kept signing up for races so I would continue my training - working my way from 5Ks to 10Ks to 15Ks to half marathons to full marathons!

For the longest time, I ran to burn calories, to stay in shape. I ran to prove myself - to who I'm not sure? I wanted to know that I was strong enough to go out and run mile after mile after mile. It was something I could do, just me, with no one else's help. Running helps to relieve stress; perhaps I should do more of it! Being on the road, the trail, is home and when life feels too hectic it's a nice change of pace to bring it down to nothing but your feet, your breathing, your run.

The crazy goal that I'm sure every runner thinks about is that one day I'll run the Boston Marathon. I'm not sure that's a realistic goal - but it's fun to think about. My goal is just to be healthy right now, enjoy my runs without too much pain and to de-stress.

I love how she started by running around the block and was later able to run marathons (notice the 's'). So awesome! If you need a new hair stylist give Christa a call.

Christa Michelle Tyler

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