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Friday, December 9, 2011

It's Going Around

Right after Thanksgiving, my poor little three year old got super sick with a cold. His eyes were red and water, he coughed all night and his nose was runny. Luckily, there was no fever. Also luckily, he's a pretty good sport about being sick and chooses to play all day still. Unfortunately he found out really quickly that he had germs that we didn't want. As an act of rebellion, he'd cough on us. What a punk...chemical warfare. Needless to say, I caught the nasty cold and have been cranky all week (because I'm not a good sport). It seems that everyone in Oklahoma has a cold right so today I did a little research on how to prevent illness. I found a great article from Parenting.Com about preventing illness. Check it out and hopefully your family can dodge the germs this season.

by Denise Brodey

I had to include this part of the article because I've been doing the opposite. I guess it's time to bundle up and get out there.

"Research shows that spending time outside can promote better sleep, boost overall wellness, and may improve your mood. "Being outdoors in daylight for as little as twenty minutes a day can make a big difference in raising your energy level and preventing the winter blues," says Norman Rosenthal, M.D., director of seasonal studies at the National Institute of Mental Health and author of Winter Blues."

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