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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Oklahoma Running Mom

Last Thursday I broke out with a horrible case of hives. We don't need to go into details...let's just say that a picture of the total coverage would be a little inappropriate. To top it off, my baby had his two month check up (the same day) and he hasn't been gaining enough weight. Because of that, I need to make sure that he can nurse more frequently. Bonus, hives are making my milk supply go down. What?? So, I've been nursing and pumping to keep up. I've also been trying to get more rest because that seems to be the only think that keeps the incessant itching at bay. Because I have to rest, other things haven't been getting the attention they need (i.e. sticky kitchen floor, unfolded clothes, bathroom where potty training is taking place...).
Today was such a beautiful day that I had to get out and enjoy the sun. I packed up both kids to go for a much needed jog. It felt good to close the door on my messy house for a bit. My two month old cried the whole time so I had to cut the run short. When we got home, I fed my baby, fed my toddler, did a little "poopy in the potty dance" to celebrate my little guys' victory, got both kids to bed, did the dishes, scrubbed down the nasty bathroom, took a shower, pumped again while talking with my husband who is gone on business and here we are.
I realize that I sound like I'm complaining and I guess I might be but amongst the craziness of the day, I had an epiphany. I started this blog not just because I love running but because it takes on a whole new face when you become a mom. While it has dropped a few notches on the priority list, it's what keeps me sane. Exercise in general helps me clear my head and better be able to laugh at the little or big curve balls life throws my way. Even when I have my kids with me and I can't get in "the zone," getting out to move my body still helps me clear my mind. Being a "running mom" isn't just about logging in miles or completing a long list of workouts, it's about trying to better balance your life. It's about readjusting when things don't go as planned. Isn't that what we do each day as mothers?
If you've been bugged with yourself because things aren't running (in every sense of the word) the way you originally had planned, realize that there's always room to readjust and change the plan. I've been discouraged at how little running I've been able to do this year but today as I was laughing at the red splotches all over my body, trying to calm my upset baby and cleaning up "accidents," I realized that this is just part of the learning process that comes with motherhood.
On that note, I'm going to sign out and get some sleep.

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Fleur said...

I love this post! What lucky little guys your boys are! I hope you feel better soon.