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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Michelle's Half Marathon Journey

Another inspiring update from Michelle Sept 27th – "Okay, so I soooo chickened out on going to TU! Actually, that was last week. 2 weeks ago, I lost track of time cooking dinner and waiting for my husband to get home (so I could leave). I also ate way to close to run time and did not want to vomit at the track. I DID, however, go to the Sapulpa H.S. track at 8pm to do speed drills. I think it was more of a beginner workout, but since I have not progressed with my speed workouts, beginner is where I need to be. I did a 400-m (½ mi) warm-up at a 12:00 min mile pace, and then did 5 repeats of 200m at a 9:45 min mile with a 100m 12 min mile recovery between each repeat. I topped it off with a 600m cool down at a 12:00 pace. Can you say 600 calories burned in 35 minutes? That is motivation enough for me, forget getting faster!

Last Tuesday, when I chickened out of the TU track, my friend Julie and I went to the Jenks pedestrian bridge to use the light poles. It was her first time ever doing any kind of speed work, so I took it easy on her. We ran 2 light poles as fast as we could (within reason), and recovered the next 2 light poles. It was fun. We sort of raced each other…something I have never enjoyed. My lack of confidence has always kept me from being competitive. I have a feeling it’s going to start shining through.

As for the rest of the runs, I still haven’t been getting in the weekday mileage. I’m glad I have Strollin’ Moms to fall back on a little. I’m sure that even though we walk quite a bit, that it still helps a little. I try not to depend on it and still try to plan Monday, Tuesday, Thursday runs. I should be getting 13-14 miles in during the week. I’m only getting half of that. Imagine how good I’d feel if I were getting in all the mileage. Sometimes, especially with young kids, you have to be flexible with yourself. I try not to get hung up on what I haven’t done, rather what I have done. It makes me so much more at peace.

My long runs are still awesome, of course. Julie and I kicked the 10-miler in the butt 2 weeks ago! The last 2-3 miles we ran fast! We had to walk for 30 seconds here and there to catch our breath, but we felt so good for running it in strong. This last Saturday was a “rest” long run – only 6 miles (we actually went 7). Any time you hear yourself say “ONLY 6 miles”, please do yourself a favor and pinch yourself. Six miles! Six miles! AMAZING! Especially since the greater portion of the WORLD cannot even run one mile!

I have decided to not do the Jenks Half Marathon. I will only have one first Half, I don’t want it to be filled with memories of being the last in with the pace car overheating and everyone in tar-nation waiting on me to start the awards ceremony (that happened to a few ladies in my current pace group last year). I really want to do the Dallas White Rock Half in early December. Please pray for God to provide the resources for me and my family to go. I will be eternally grateful!"

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