Oklahoma Running Mom

Running in Oklahoma adds new meaning to the phrase "Hot Mama."

Saturday, June 27, 2009


"I love to run, even when it's a wee bit warm like it was this morning for the Green Corn 5K, for many reasons! One of the hidden benefits of running for a mom like myself is the uninterrupted time to think! I often figure out better ways to answer math questions(I am a high school math teacher)and the even more important life questions of the 5 teenagers that call me "Mom" while I am running! I also love to run because regardless of my mood or energy level before a run, I always am happier and feel more energized after I run. I enjoy running because it is a concrete thing I can do to "fight the fat" and work toward a healthier future for my family and me. Finally I love the sense of accomplishment you get from running further and faster than you ever dreamed you could...even if that is a 37:26 5K...baby steps ...right?!"

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