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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bixby Green Corn 5K

I just went to the Bixby Green Corn 5K. This race was part of the Green Corn Festival that happens each year in Bixby. Despite the heat, there was an excellent number of people who showed up to participate and it was fun to watch them cross the finish. I met some great moms. Check back in the next few days to hear their stories.

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xan black said...

I love to run, even when it's a wee bit warm like it was this morning for the Green Corn 5K, for many reasons! One of the hidden benefits of running for a mom like myself is the uninterrupted time to think! I often figure out better ways to answer math questions(I am a high school math teacher)and the even more important life questions of the 5 teenagers that call me "Mom" while I am running! I also love to run because regardless of my mood or energy level before a run, I always am happier and feel more energized after I run. I enjoy running because it is a concrete thing I can do to "fight the fat" and work toward a healthier future for my family and me. Finally I love the sense of accomplishment you get from running further and faster than you ever dreamed you could...even if that is a 37:26 5K...baby steps ...right?!