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Friday, May 8, 2009

Getting Started!

Christie emailed Oklahoma Running Mom with a common sentiment among 'non-runners.'

"I think this blog is a great idea! I have to admit, though, that when I read Em's statement of why she runs (it makes me feel good), I had to laugh out loud because running makes me feel terrible! It burns my throat and lungs (while I'm running and for several hours afterward) and hurts my whole body. Running makes me feel anything but good. That's why I avoid it. I guess maybe if I made myself do it more often, it would get better and better. Any advice for total non-runners like me?"

I'd say that the best advice I have for those of you that feel the same as Christie is to take it slowly but be consistent. Many people feel that if they aren't running "hard" they aren't running. If you push yourself to the limit each time you'll HATE running. A good measure of how hard you should work is the "talk test." If you're running so hard that you can't talk, you're pushing too much. If you are running and able to sing, you need to pick it up a little. You should be able to talk for a majority of your run. Personally, I like to run at a comfortable pace until the very end and then I sprint. I cool down with a walk and then feel great.

Remember that it's totally okay to walk. You won't be a successful runner if you have burning lungs, are in pain, etc. The best advice I've ever gotten on running is to listen to your body. If your body says you can push more, do it. If your body says you should slow down, do it.

There's a great article in the May issue of Runner's World about getting started called, "Yes You Can!" If you're wanting to make it happen, this article is great motivation.

I really believe that anyone can be a runner!

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Christie said...

Thanks for the motivation and good advice! I'll start where I'm at and try to keep on going.