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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Back in the Saddle

I started consistently running when I graduated from college and began working full time. I fell in love quickly. I signed up for every race I could possibly fit into my schedule. I was even able to run a few marathons. I admit that I felt like I could rule the world after those marathons. I mean, how many people have run 26.2 miles right? After becoming a mother, I quickly found that running a marathon doesn't even compare to the daily demands of motherhood. It took me more time than I planned to get back into the sport. This picture is me at the beginning of my first race post baby (a 5K). Despite the fact that I only ran 3.1 miles, when I crossed that finish line, I again felt like I could rule the world. I am a mother and a runner. I can do what makes me, me and still take care of the cutest little kid in the world. Hopefully through this blog we mothers can help each other stay healthy and reach our goals both on and (more importantly) off the road.

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Anonymous said...

Way to get back in to what you love...maybe that husband of yours will catch up one day. I heard he is even signed up for a 5K The blog looks great...I feel inspiried