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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Taking a Break

We love The Berenstain Bears at our house so the other day when we were at the store, I let my toddler choose a new book. I'm pretty sure he picked this one because of all the candy on the front. Little did he know that it was an anti-candy book. He's at the stage where we wants to read the same book over and over and over and over and over......so we've read this a lot. The basic plot: Papa, Brother and Sister Bear are eating too much junk food so Mama cracks the whip and makes everyone get back to eating nutritious food. The book hit a little close to home. This summer I've made some great friends: cookies, ice cream, candy, etc.

A few days ago, I decided that I need to take a week off from treats. There's a part in the book that says, "For a while Brother and Sister could almost taste the sugar balls and choco chums they were missing but Mama was always ready with healthy snacks..." Holy Cow, I totally understand where they're coming from, but as I've eliminated sugary treats, I've found space for what I really need. Also, when I feel like I'm about ready cheat my son asks me to read the book again. What a stinker. :)

The good news is that as I've eaten better, I've felt better.

Is it time for you to evaluate your habits? Is there something you need to eliminate or add?

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Lauren said...

oh my goodness yes, it seems that a lot of bloggers out there are in that stage where they are thinking "okayyyy I do run a bunch but maybe don't need to be eating what I'm eating' and I'm in that boat. I'm not fat, but there is definitely a layer of "I didn't really need that' skin on me right now lol! Also, I just FEEL better and RUN better when my body is running on food it's supposed to be running on!

Also, thanks for the comment on my blog I will definitely check that marathon out. I am ALWAYS looking for new marathons and my favorite are scenic ones. :D