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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Stop and Smell the Garbage Truck

My two...almost three...year old has been asking to go running with me, "Not in the stroller Mom!" As you can imagine, having a kid that wants to run with me is about the coolest thing ever. The other night we went out while my husband stayed home with our baby. My mini marathoner was a champ. He'd start to slow down so I'd ask him if he wanted to walk which made him speed up because we were out on a run not a walk. (I'm smiling even as I write.) Even though it wasn't a hard-core work out for me, he reminded me how to enjoy my favorite sport. He was running almost the entire time but when he'd see something interesting, he'd squeal, stop and look at it. I'm pretty sure the garbage truck was the coolest of all our discoveries. The next morning when I was out running myself, I made a more conscience effort to notice all the interesting things around me. It made my run a lot more meaningful and fun.

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Lauren said...

That is really really sweet. Every now and then I have a run where I **really** notice things and I wonder why I try to get in a "zone" all the time. Sometimes not being in a zone and actually being aware of your surroundigns and the present is the most beautiful thing of all :)