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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Shake Your Booty

I've pretty much lost all my pregnancy weight but I have to admit that everything isn't like it was before. Without going into to too much detail, lets just say my booty shakes in a way that rappers don't really sing about.

After my first, I discovered that the best way to loose the shake is to do lunges. Even though I absolutely hate them, I've started back. From what I've learned, the most important thing to remember when you do lunges is to not let your knee bend over your foot (see the middle image above). If you let that happen, you could cause damage to your knee. I do mine right after a run or during the day as I'm walking around the house. Like I said, I'm not really a big fan but I do enjoy the results...I guess I should say, I'm sure I'll enjoy the results because I'm not there yet. Happy lunging!



Lauren said...

Maybe this will make it easier for me to do them :) I want a nice butt!

The Henrich Family said...

thanks for the reminder, I need to do a few lunges too. A LOT. Hey, I miss you, how's life?