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Monday, February 7, 2011

This is how I feel lately.
(FYI: This isn't an actual picture of me.)
I put on a pair of pants yesterday and they were still post baby tight. Arg! I LOVE my baby but not my baby fat. Today I've been thinking a little about why I still have the notorious post baby muffin top. My answer: excuses. I'll list a few I've made over the past few months:
1. I'm pregnant, I deserve to eat what I want.
2. I just had a baby I deserve to eat what I want.
3. It's Christmas.
4. It's New Years.
5. We are having friends over.
6. I'm too tired to exercise.
7. It's too cold to exercise.
8. It's snowing, let's make hot chocolate.
9. I'm potty training my toddler; I need a treat.
(I think every mom who's done this will agree that this one is legitimate.)
10. Family is in town.
11. It's the Super Bowl. Pass the nachos.
Holidays, birthdays, bad weather, good weather...do I need to go on? There will always be an excuse to eat junk and an excuse to sit around when you could be active. Today I'm recommitting to making healthy choices and giving up my excuses. One of the things I love about signing up for races is that it forces me to follow through on my goals. I have to run so that I'm ready for the race. With that being said, the Sweetheart Run is rescheduled for a week from this Saturday because of snow, so you still have time to prepare. I hope to see you there.


Joan said...

I've had my post 'baby muffin' top for 23 years now

Ann said...

Wait, how old is your baby?!! I sure hope you still have a muffin top or else we all might just feel bad about ourselves!