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Monday, January 17, 2011

Getting Started

As of late, a bunch of people have asked me about what they need to get started with running. Hooray for New Year's Resolutions and more lovely ladies taking up my favorite sport. Below are a few things that I think are essential to have for a quality running experience.

For me the most important two things to purchase are running socks and running shoes. I'm a big bargain shopper (coupon cutter, clearance rack regular, etc) but these two things rarely go on sale and to get the right pair you'll probably spend a little more money than you're used to but I PROMISE it's worth it. As I've said before, Fleet Feet is the best running store in town. There is always a friendly, knowledgeable person there to help you get fitted for whatever you need. Make it a priority to get there to purchase your shoes and socks...and basically everything else you need for running.

There are many different types of running socks. For me the best thing about running socks is that they cut down on your blisters and give you proper support. I started using them when I was training for my first marathon and instantly fell in love. I bought compression socks when I was pregnant. They're amazing but I also love the simple ankle cut running socks which are a lot cheaper (usually around $10). I would suggest buying a couple of different types and then picking a favorite. Like I said, I wouldn't go anywhere but Fleet Feet for these.

People always ask me about my favorite kind of running shoes. I hesitate to answer because everyone has different needs when it comes to shoes. What works perfectly for me won't work for someone else who runs just as much. That's why it's essential to go to a running store and have them fit you for shoes that will work for you. Plan to spend around $100 for new running shoes. Believe me, you won't regret it.

Bekah wrote a great post about sports bras which I suggest you read; The Perfect Fit. I would write more about this but Bekah says it best in her post.

In the cold weather it's tempting to put on a huge, comfy sweat shirt and a pair of warm up pants to hit the road but in the long run (get it?? long run) these things will make you colder. Cotton soaks up your sweat which will make you wet and cold. Grab clothes with moister wicking material. These will keep you drier making you more comfortable in the winter and summer. Also, I've noticed that you're less likely to get rashes from material rubbing on your legs, arms, etc when you use clothing that wicks away the moister. While you can spend tons of money on these items, I never have. You can find running clothes at discount sports stores as well as specialty running shops.
Even though getting started is a little pricey, one of the best things about running is that you can do it anytime for free. You don't need a membership or pass to go running. You don't have to buy tickets. You can do it anywhere at any time so make the investment and enjoy the freedom that running allows.

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MaryAnne said...

Hello! I stumbled across this blog as I was searching for organized runs in Oklahoma (5k, 10k, etc) that allow baby stroller joggers...and so far, no luck. I was wondering if you have participated in or know of any runs that allow baby joggers to actually run in the race (and not just a separate WALK for those with strollers). Thanks! And awesome blog =)