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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Getting Back on Track

I can't believe I've been such a "running mom slacker" as of late. I wish I had a good excuse for not posting but I don't. My due date is quickly approaching (November 23) and I've been busy getting everything ready for baby #2 and for Christmas. I actually love the right before part of pregnancy...aka nesting...because after months of being exhausted, I feel really productive. Anyway...besides being consumed in baby prep, I also spent last week with my family. They were in town for the entire week. We celebrated Thanksgiving early (Thank you Mom and Dad) and hung out as a family. My absolute favorite thing was spending time with my niece and two nephews. Seriously, being and aunt is the best thing ever. Here is my son and nephew running around in our yard. Wouldn't it be amazing if we had the energy and stamina of a two year old? We'd be winning races every weekend.

Because I'm confessing to being such a slacker with my blog posts, I'm also going to confess to overindulging on my holiday meals and treats. Today I found a great article on Runner'sWorld.Com about how to get back on track after a holiday derailment. What I like about the article is that it doesn't say to avoid holiday food feasts, it gives strategies to counteract their negative consequences. Check it out and go into Thanksgiving weekend prepared.

by Sally Wadyka

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