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Monday, July 26, 2010

Running Therapy

Our almost two year old has been having a really hard time sleeping lately. He's not sick and from what I can see, he doesn't have any new teeth coming. I think a combination of travel and stubbornness is to blame. Last night was, to say the least, really rough for both of us. I'll spare you the details but I think I got about four hours of sleep. This morning I was cranky, tired and not in the mood to exercise. I decided to do an easy walk/run to the park so he could play. After being outside for just a few minutes (and calling my mom to whine), I felt a million times better. By the end of my exercise, I felt confident in being able to face the rest of the day. It's amazing how just a little physical exercise (and time outside) can change your perspective and build confidence. Even though I was still exhausted from the night before, I had a better outlook and was prepared for a day of mommy hood. Don't you love running therapy?!

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Rebecca said...

"I'll remember him in my prayers tonight. Hang in there, dear tired mom!"