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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Heather-Why I Run...

Heather is another awesome mom that I met at the Cinco de Mayo run. I think we can all relate to the post run sippy cup for our child rather than a drink for ourselves. :) Read below to find out why Heather runs." I run, basically, for the health benefits. My husband is a chiropractor, and we are all about leading a healthy lifestyle. Since I have my daughter, hitting the gym and working outwith weights isn't exactly easy. However, putting her in the jogging stroller and going for a run is enjoyable to me as well as her. To be honest, my husband is the one who usually pushes her! I get to run behind them since he is WAY faster than me! Running clears my mind and makes for a better, more productive day."

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Lauren said...

I love that reason! I can't relate to the jogging stroller part but it definitely does help set up the day to be happy and productive!