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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Active Moms=Active Kids

I just received and email from Sara (pictured below at the Cinco de Mayo 5K). I love what she said about how her running has influenced her children. Keep up the great work Sara! Thanks for sharing!!

"I think what you are doing is great! I think more moms need to know its okay to take sometime for yourself and at the same time get your kids involved and set a good example for them! I have always been a runner but have gotten much more into it since I have become a mom! It is very exciting to see my kids get into it too! I don't push them to do it at all. They have just been drug around in the jog stroller since they were born and from race to race it is just part of their life and they LOVE to get out at the end of every run and run the end with me whether it is at the river or on our sidewalk in front of our house! It is a great family activity! And I usually always take them to the park after since they were such good sports for me! :) "

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