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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

You Know You're a Runner If...

I found this great runners forum on Runner'sWorld.Com. It's pretty funny and true.
I'll add a few of my own:
...Buying a new pair of running shoes is almost as exciting as Christmas morning.
...You get excited when you see your child running around the yard (maybe he'll run with me someday)
...Your favorite gift is a race entry.
...You write or read a running blog for moms
What are yours???


beks27 said...

You're tempted to run when you're walking anywhere(like when you're walking from the parking lot into the grocery store...) because you know it gets you there faster.

michael said...

And other news...KFC has some competition...If these two new menu items went up head to head in eat this not that I think I would go with IHOP and take a pass on KFC. Enjoy the Gutt bomb

IHOP Introduces Pancake-Cheesecake Sandwich
Restaurant Answers KFC's "Double Down" with Cheesecake-Stuffed "Pancake Stackers"; Meal is 1,250 Calories


Corless Family said...

You can't use just ANY earbuds for a run. And, if you are a woman, you have to wear two bras when you 'workout'.