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Monday, March 29, 2010

Wish Lemons Run

As I said before, I ran the Wish Lemons 5K this past Saturday and had a wonderful time! I met some great woman (thanks to all who let me bombard them after the race), felt good during the run and soaked up the excitement of race day. One of the many things I love about participating in a race is watching the way everyone supports each other. The course was an out and back so at various points you could see the people both in front of and behind you. After the race, I heard several people say something like, "Man did you see that guy at the front? He was hauling. That's so awesome!!" I also heard people talking about how great it was to see Wish Lemon himself heading up the rear of the race...very inspiring.

Watching everyone enjoy the day, reminded me (once again) why I love running. I love setting a goal and accomplishing it. I love celebrating those accomplishments with others. I love exercising for reasons other than simply wanting to look skinny. This morning I was talking with my running buddies about how when you're training for a run, you become more confident with yourself. The ultimate goal in running isn't necessarily to lose 30lbs or go down a few dress sizes (even though it helps with those pursuits), it's to do something you've never done before. It's to challenge yourself to push harder than you have before. It's to prove to yourself how strong you are both mentally and physically. I love running because it makes me a better person.

I'm excited to hear back from the women I talked with at the race to learn why they run. Finding motivation from others' stories is just one more way we can support each other.

Why do you run?

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