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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring Cleaning by Kristin Armstrong

I've been thinking about the latest Mile Markers blog post by Kristin Armstrong for a few days. The title is "Spring Cleaning." As you can imagine, it's not how to keep your bathroom gleaming or your floors crumb free. She questions if we have things or if they have a hold on us. My favorite part is quoted below (she's listing some things found in her closet).

"4. Skinny jeans. Small enough that my daughter Grace could probably wear them today, and she's 8. This is proof that I am unable to let go of my 'skinny as a rail' era. I keep the jeans around in case I ever get that skinny again, which has never happened. I have to be truly miserable to stop eating, and I haven't been that miserable since, well, back when I wore those jeans. Meanwhile, whenever I feel fit and fabulous, I try them on just in case, and all this serves is to limit the amount of time I feel fit and fabulous. They need to go, but I keep them. This is proof that no matter how much I think I have evolved and made peace with my body, I can still manage to torment myself."

Isn't it interesting how we can be feeling great and doing wonderful things with our lives but still find a way to put ourselves down? As you're doing your spring cleaning this year, I challenge you to get rid of things that make you feel badly about yourself (i.e. skinny jeans, fat pants...even an ugly shirt) and commit to making and meeting worthwhile goals.

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beks27 said...

I love this idea because really, who wants to see how skinny they were when they were in high school (skinny jeans) and who wants to see how fat they've been (fat jeans) and even have the option of getting that big again?