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Monday, March 8, 2010

Jogging Strollers

"What is a good jogging stroller; I'm not running a marathon though, just walking/jogging?
Thanks Rose"

Before I say anything I'm going to freely admit that I'm no expert. I'll just tell you what I've learned from buying one myself and talking with other people. From what I can tell, the two most popular brands of strollers are the Baby Jogger and the BOB. These will probably be your most durable and easy to use. However, when I was walking/running with the Strollin' Moms at Fleet Feet, there were a bunch of different brands that seemed to work really well. From what I learned there, the most important thing is to have a front wheel that is able to lock in place. This reduces the movement for your baby and keeps you from going all over the place. A feature on mine that I really like is the hand strap; it makes me feel confident that my baby isn't going to roll away and when I'm running I can let go of the stroller occasionally because I'm still strapped to it. I love using a jogger! You'll be amazed at how smooth it is compared to the standard stroller. I hope this helps. Good luck and remember to ask the sales person lots of questions so you're satisfied with your buy.
This is my stroller. My husband took it after my Saturday run. Isn't it great that it's warm enough to wear shorts and a short sleeve t-shirt?! HOORAY for Spring!!!

PS I'd love to hear your opinions about strollers that have worked for you!


beks27 said...

I have a double jogger and it was the most inexpensive I could find. It's an InStep and I absolutely love it. I got it at Acedemy. It's really smooth and easy to push and turn. I highly recommend it!

Amy Y. said...

The bigger the wheels, the better the stroller will go over rough terrain. Many jogging strollers have a pivoting front wheel and this works wonderful for maneuvering if you are just walking, but if you want to jog or run, it causes the stroller to jiggle and bounce making you and baby really uncomfortable. I like the solid front wheel for jogging.