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Monday, February 8, 2010

Early Morning Clarity

This morning when I woke up to run I was dragging (to say the least). While I typically enjoy starting the day and week with a run, I had a really rough weekend and wasn't ready for a Monday. My grandpa passed away on Saturday. Although I know he's in a better place and that he's happy to be released from the varying pains of old age, I'm heart broken that he can't be here with my family and me anymore. More specifically, I'm heart broken for my sweet grandmother who has had an amazing relationship with him for over 60 years.
As I was running this morning (and feeling sorry for myself and my family), I remembered how in shape and active he was. He played tennis and at 70 could beat most 40 year olds. I remembered how he would take me to the tennis courts when I was a little girl and try to teach me the ways of the game (unfortunately I'm hopelessly uncoordinated). While I don't think that I can follow in his foot steps with tennis, I know that one way I can make him proud is to be as dedicated and excited about living life to the fullest as he was. As I make healthy choices, work to reach and achieve goals and enjoy each day, I'm honoring the memory of my grandpa and creating lasting memories with those around me. I'm grateful I was able to find peace and clarity on my run this morning. Isn't it amazing how running does so much more than just keep our bodies healthy?!
This is a picture of my grandpa (aka Papa) hanging out with my little nephew. I love the way Papa is sprawled out on the floor (like he's 30 rather than 80+) doing what he loved most, spending time with family.

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Real Life Roberts said...

thanks...good thought to reflect on! My prayers are with you.