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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

French Fries

A few years ago I was out to eat with some friends and had a huge stack of fries with my burger (mmm...SO GOOD!). The next morning I was out on a bike ride and quickly realized the fries were a bad choice. I decided at that moment that my relationship with those tasty pieces of goodness was over. Even though I gave up fries years ago, I still crave them sometimes. (Those people who say it gets easier are crazy). I've found a healthy alternative that works when I feel like I'm going to give up on my resolution. I call them French Bakes (not as good as the real thing but they won't make you want to puke the next day). They're super easy and you get some healthy fat rather than buckets of grease.

Slice your potato(s), cover the slices in olive oil and sea salt and cook at 475 until crispy.

Like I said...Really Easy!

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Anonymous said...

These look A-mazing! Thanks!