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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hard Core

Here's an ab workout that will do wonders. Start with increments of 30 seconds in each direction and slowly build up. Or, repeat the sequence however many times you can handle it! For variation, do a different kind of crunch every time you're on your back.

1. Start with a front plank for 30 seconds.
2. Next, rotate to one side for a side plank. Hold position for 30 seconds.
3. Move to your back and do any kind of crunch for 30 seconds-Remember when doing crunches to look stright up so you don't strain your neck, and also remember to really contract your abs when you come up. Try pausing with your abs contracted for 2 seconds when you come up.
4. Last, repeat step 2 on opposite side.

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Oklahoma Running Mom said...

Hey Bek-You always make me work harder. :) Planks kick my butt...or should I say gut. Thanks!