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Saturday, September 12, 2009


Once again I had a wonderful time running with my Fleet Feet running group this morning. We ran 6.10 miles. The course was rough but I spent the time chatting away and it made it go by faster.

I actually have a confession. I didn't want to go. My in-laws are in town. We had a family party planned for today. I was tired...excuses, excuses, excuses. I almost had myself convinced that I'd put in the mileage later in the day (yeah right). Luckily, I peeled myself out of bed, met my group and had a great time. Tonight I'm completely exhausted and 99% sure I would have blown off the night run. I'm grateful that I joined a running group for many reasons, but today the reason is that it held me accountable to get my booty out of bed.

When you're making decisions about when to exercise or what to eat (i.e. Earlier this week I convinced myself that it was okay to eat a cookie for breakfast and I'd skip the dessert I knew would be available later that night. Yeah Right, I had both...bad choice.), make sure you're honest with yourself. If you know that putting off a run will increase your chances of missing it, don't put it off. If you know that you won't be able to resist the dessert at girls' night out, make healthy choices throughout the day.

My goal this next week is to be more honest with myself and use that honesty to guide my decisions.

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Shanda said...

It is all about choices!!! I realized that when I first started running. It was a choice to get up before the rest of my family, and then it was the choices I made all day that determined if my getting up was worth it...I need to remember that! Moving in with my parents has been really hard. First we went from no mountains, to a lot of mountains, and running in the mountains is much harder, and second, my family is snack heaven! That has been really hard for me! I love to snack! Who doesn't!? But, I found a half marathon here that I'm training for, and after reading your post I'm going to start (again) tomorrow, to make better eating choices!