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Monday, June 8, 2009

Setting Goals

I just got the following email from my good friend Ashby. I love what she said about having something to work for. I feel the same way. Signing up for a race is the perfect way to find the motivation for running.

"After looking at your blog a couple of times it really inspired me to strap on my running shoes and to just go for it. I've never been a runner, and I've never liked doing it. In fact I don't think I've ever been able to run for more than a mile straight without having to stop. It wasn't until we moved to Arizona that I realized I needed an escape from the day to day. After talking to a few friends who have run several races, I decided I needed to set a goal for myself - a 5K. And while that may not be a lofty goal for some, it is like an Everest for me. I looked at several sites for beginners that suggested leaving a rest day in between running days. So M, W, F I wake up early and hit the pavement while the kids and hubby still sleep. I feel like a completely different person, and I love it. The race isn't for 2 more months, but I think it'll give me enough time to train really well.
I have also heard often that without a race to train for it's easy to fall off the wagon. So, my next goal after the 5K in August is a Sprint Triathlon in November! Thanks for the encouragement! Hopefully I will have some great running news to share in the next few months!"

Nice work Ashby and good luck with the big race!


Blake said...

The same works for me... when I sign up for an event it definitely motivates me to train and work hard. Love the blog.

Ann said...

Just wanted to say that I completely agree with Ashby. When I decided that I wanted to try to be a "runner" I couldn't even run a mile. I needed a goal so I signed up for a half marathon and had 10 weeks to train. I had heard somewhere that if you train for 10 miles you can do the last 3 on race day and be fine. I started with 1 and added a mile each week. While my time was not great, it was absolutely awesome, the feeling of accomplishment was amazing- I cried when I crossed the finish line. That's why when I see people who are just starting out in running I get so excited for them, because you can do it, and you see improvement so quickly with running. The phrase I repeat to myself in the middle of a race when all I want to do is stop, a very simple, 'just keep running.' Now I'm doing what I never thought I'd do in a million years, waking up before the baby so that I can get my run in for the day, uninterrupted, just for me. Thanks for the inspirational stories.