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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Road-Trip Runs

I found a great article on Runner'sWorld.com about finding time to run when on vacation.

It kinda drives me crazy when I hear people say that it's not worth it to work out if you can't at least get a certain amount of time. My philosophy is that anything is better than nothing.

The article actually reminded me of how Bekah sometimes wears her running clothes and brings her jogging stroller to the zoo. I love it. You get to see more animals and get a workout.

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beks27 said...

It's recommended to get 30 minutse of moderate intensity (sweating, but able to carry on a conversation) per day. BUT if you can't get thirty minutes all at one time, you can still get most of the benefits from exercising in 3 10 minute intervals. Any is better than none!