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Thursday, March 17, 2011

That's Just What Muffins Do

A few months ago we gave a strawberry muffin to my toddler. He loved it until the muffin started to fall apart. He broke down crying. I'm not talking about a little whimper; I'm talking a full on toddler cry fest...red face, snot bubbles, the whole nine yards. "Fix it Mommy! Fix IT!!!" I tried not to laugh and explained, "That's just what muffins do." He finally calmed down and ate his muffin...crumbs and all. For the rest of the day, he talked about how muffins crumble. He even explained the process to my husband, "Daddy, that's just what muffins do. It's okay!" From then on when something hasn't gone our way, my husband and I say, "That's just what muffins do."

I've had many muffin crumbling experiences lately. Our computer got a virus so I'm using an old, slow one that doesn't have all my running mom pictures on it. My boys have made it difficult for me to run with them during the day. I'm sure everyone can relate to that. I'm struggling to keep my milk supply up so I have to make sure I get enough sleep which means running in the morning is out for now. I was out of town for a week and had a great time but didn't get any Running Mom Posts written. We're currently in the middle of some major life changes (more to come later...no I'm NOT pregnant) which is another reason I haven't posted lately. Potty training has come to a screeching halt with my two year old.

I know that I'm not alone in experiencing life's little frustrations and I really enjoy my day to day activities...especially hanging out with my little boys. I know that eventually I'll be able to run as much and as hard as I want but for now I need to be happy with what I can get in. I also need to constantly repeat in my mind, "That's just what muffins do. That's just what muffins do."

With that being said, I think my littlest muffin just filled his diaper. Let's all remember to keep our lives in perspective when our muffins crumble.


Fleur said...

I love it! I need to remember that one. Even when life's muffins fall apart, you can still enjoy the pieces. Thanks for the reminder! And, thanks for being such an awesome example!

Anne said...

What a wonderful Running Mom post! You always have a great perspective on life. I need to call you and get caught up :) And...I think I need your strawberry muffin recipe again."

Laura said...

Thanks - I needed that. cant wait till July!

Jenny said...

You and your blog helped me get out the door for a run today! Thank you!!!