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Thursday, January 27, 2011

My B.F.F

My recent running buddy has become a necessity for all runs. She is smart and keeps me in line when I'm slowing and wanting to quit early. She goes with me everywhere and I don't know how I ever ran without her. She is totally adaptable and always lets me pick the music. Her name? Nike+iPod. My favorite running shoe is the Nike Pegasus, which is compatible with my BFF--perfect! I have been wearing the Pegasus since high school, so I obviously would recommend the shoe, but there are several different Nike shoes that will work with the Nike+iPod. If you wear Nike, I HIGHLY recommend this product. I can set distance, time, or caloric goals. I can calibrate it for walking and running, and it gives me my pace, time, distance, and calories burned anytime I want throughout my run, all while playing my favorite playlist. I love it. It works great with my Nano but it also works with an iTouch or iPhone. Buy one today and I know you won't regret it.

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Ann said...

I have a love/frustration relationship with my iPod+. You've got to make sure that you really calibrate it well, otherwise you'll be hearing "you've reached the end of your goal" at mile 12 with 1.1 left to go! You don't have to have Nike shoes, they sell little tiny pouches the sensor fits into that you can attach to your laces, I think eBay has them pretty cheap. Also, if you don't use it all the time, you can turn it off to save the battery life, there's no actual button but if you push the bottom once it will turn off, not really sure why they keep that a secret. For me it's a good alternative while I'm waiting on my super cool gps watch! Plus, who wouldn't want Lance Armstrong telling them they're awesome!