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Friday, December 24, 2010


You may remember me talking about my amazing cousin Fleur who lost 65lbs by making healthy life changes. I asked her to give us some advice about how she avoids over-indulging during the holidays. Learn more from her at http://www.fleurshrinks.blogspot.com/.

"I have over-indulged a few times. I proved to myself that I have changed some of my habits though- because eating too much junk made me feel awful! I had about two days of cookies and candy (I have found the most wonderful caramel recipe), then I didn't even want to look at another sweet. I had a salad and it tasted so good! In my "old life" I could eat almost nothing but cookies and candy for days and days and not feel a thing. Now, I am still surrounded by goodies, but I'm not scarfing them down. I love baking, especially this time of year. But, I sample one bite from every recipe (just to make sure it turned out the way it was supposed to), and then I give the rest away. I'm really not even all that interested in it. I make myself remember how hideous I felt after those two days, and then I eat balanced meals with small treats here and there. I am maintaining my goal weight (well, within five pounds), so I know my current approach is working. I guess my advice is pay attention. Pay attention to how you feel after eating something. Allow yourself treats, but don't go overboard. Think of the treats you really want (the ones you can only get this time of year, or the ones that it just wouldn't be Christmas without) and leave all the rest alone."

What a smartie! Thanks for sharing Fleur!!! Merry Christmas Everyone!

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Lauren said...

Great tips, thank you!