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Running in Oklahoma adds new meaning to the phrase "Hot Mama."

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

102, 103, 104, 103, 99

The title isn't a code to break or math problem to solve; it's the temperature projections for the next five days. Aren't you glad we get a break on Saturday? It'll only be 99 degrees. OUCH! Maybe it's pregnancy but I feel like this summer is the hottest I've experienced in Oklahoma. The only way I've survived is running before 9am and drinking LOTS of water. Check out the link below for useful hot weather running tips and don't let the weather get ya down.


Michelle said...

"Hot! We walked this morning and I STILL got a heat headache! Missed you!"

Sandy said...

"This is the hottest I can remember for quite a while!!!"

Stephanie said...

I'm thinking mall walking is looking pretty enticing.