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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Firecracker 5K

On Saturday, I ran the Firecracker 5K with a few of my friends. I am SO proud of my great friend Anne who ran her first 5K with her darling baby Jane. She kicked booty! Read about her experience below.
Picture: Michelle, Emily, Anne
"My husband is a runner. I’ve always enjoyed standing on the sidelines, snapping pictures and cheering him on. Yet I didn’t think running was for me. I actually didn’t like working out in any form. Hot, sweaty, tired, no fun in my opinion. However I decided to give Strolling Moms a chance because I thought it would be a great social opportunity and sure enough, I found I enjoyed the company of the other moms plenty to keep me and Jane, my 9 month old, going. It was actually a trick. The trainers at Fleet’s Feet had this plot to help us walk, run and even stretch. It was a workout, no matter how simple, that they presented to us, but I pretended to be blind and not admit it. They talked about us eventually running the Firecracker 5k and I put that thought in the back file of my brain and was still only interested in the social aspect. I didn’t realize then that just by going to Strolling Moms I was physically conditioning my body to run, and also mentally accepting the challenge. I got into a routine and then when I couldn’t go for any reason, I found I missed it. The Firecracker 5k was just next on the list. So when it was time to sign up, a little nudge from my husband and friends did the trick and Jane and I were in.
What can I say about the race itself? Well, I was very glad Michelle from Fleet Feet ran with me. She helped me pace myself so I didn’t start too fast. She was the encouragement I needed to make the most of the experience. Jane was very good in her stroller the whole time and enjoyed watching the other runners as we ran along. What an incredible opportunity it was to run with my baby in my first race ever. And the race was fun. Wow, I just said running and fun in the same sentence! I was surprised with the energy I felt throughout the race. I ran longer and faster then I do at weekly Strolling Moms but I didn’t feel burned out, or overly tired, just good to be running. Maybe I’m starting to understand my husband’s obsession a bit more. It was an excellent experience and for the first time, I got to see my husband cheering for me and Jane and snapping our picture we crossed the finish line."
-Anne Hale

Pictured: Andrea and Emily

Unfortunately my friend Andrea and I didn't have our best race ever but at least we were able to smile at the end. I think it's important to remember to keep going even when you have an off day. I'm sure our next race will be better.


Kristin said...

Emily. . . what is an "off" day for you!? I am sure that it was still a great time! Cute tank by the way. :)

Amber said...

That comment above was from me (amber). I must have been logged into my sisters account. Sorry!

Andrea said...

I'm looking forward to my next race to PROVE (mostly to myself) that my next race will be better!