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Friday, April 2, 2010

A Well Balanced Life

My husband and I have spent the last couple days sick with a nasty cold. As I've been drinking my Emergen-C and catching up on sleep, I've drawn a blank about things to write.

Today as I was cleaning our messy house in anticipation for a visit from my mother and father in law (Sherry and Tim), I thought "Ah ha! I'll write about them." Sherry and Tim are two of the most healthy people you'll ever meet. I've always admired them for the way they fit so many positive things into their lives: work, healthful eating, exercise, spending time with family, volunteering at church, maintaining a beautiful yard and home, being awesome grandparents....I could go on and on.

Sherry just turned 60 this year but if you saw her around town you'd guess she was in her 40s (and I'm not just saying that to kiss up). Multiple times a week, you'll find her at the local YMCA. When the weather is good, Tim rides his bike to and from work, then comes home and swims a few million laps in the pool (When the weather isn't, he frequents the YMCA as well). Seriously, my in-laws make the energizer bunny look like a couch potato. I think the coolest thing about the way that they make healthful life choices is that they're well balanced. They don't sit around drinking soy milk and eating tofu. They make good decisions, exercise and enjoy the great things in life. (One of the other things I love about my mother in law is that she's a sucker for desserts...just like me!)

You don't have to be a "health nut" to be healthy. For me, Sherry and Tim are the perfect example of how to maintain a well balanced life. Who is your example?

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Andrea said...

My brother and sister are my examples. They're amazing! Both of them do triathlons, played college basketball, and eat healthy. In fact, my sister sends such healthy delicious meals every day for my brother in law to eat for lunch at work, that my husband recently requested the same kind of healthy meals for lunch. I love healthy peer pressure!

Also, my morning running buddies are my example and my motivation. You guys are the best!