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Monday, March 1, 2010

"Surviving Girl Scout Cookie Season" Elaine Magee

Here's an interesting article about Girl Scout Cookies found on WebMD: "Surviving Girl Scout Cookie Season."
I love/hate this article. I love it because I learned more about which cookies I should stay away from and which are "okay." I hate it because all I want to do is eat Girl Scout Cookies without feeling guilty. The most important thing I took away from the article is to use moderation. I plan on having a Thin Mint or two but I don't need to eat an entire sleeve.


Christina said...

I guess my running hobby is paying off then? Since I just ate a box of samoas this weekend! eek! Thanks for sharing (i guess?) :( lol

Tom said...

They should give calorie info not by 2-3 cookie serving size but by the sleave bc thats what I'm always deciding if I'm going to finish off the sleave or not.

suburban hippie mama said...

To read or not to read. That is the question. A part of me would like to keep living in my own ignorance...you know, I'm doing the girl scouts a FAVOR buying and eating their cookies...supporting your community...it's a fundraiser for crying out loud...*sigh* OK. I'll read it. I need help. Thin mints and me go waaay back. =)