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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Oklahoma Pride

According to a recent Forbes.com study on health, Oklahoma ranks number 49 in the Healthiest State category and 48 in the Obese category. It makes me sad to think that this place that I love so much is at the bottom of the list in such an important subject. After reading about how much weight related problems add to health care costs, I almost became sick myself. This is not okay! What can we do to fix the problem?

I don't have all (or very many of) the answers but I do know that I will never be one that adds to the problem. Just like every good Oklahoman, I love BBQ, Steak, Blue Bell Ice Cream and watching football but I've promised myself that I won't let those or other things get in the way of my commitment to stay healthy. I don't think the definition of "health" is being a specific weight or pants size. I think it's about having the energy to live your best life.

I know we're entering a busy time of year but before things get too crazy, take an inventory of your own life. What can you do to better your health? What changes do you need to make? I challenge you to take a step towards living a healthier life and helping others do the same. Let's get Oklahoma back to were it belongs...at the TOP!

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