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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Wake Up Little Suzy, Wake Up

This morning I wasn't able to run with my Fleet Feet running group because of scheduling issues and I ended up not getting out until the middle of the afternoon (glad it's fall and not summer). While I had a good run, I know I would have had a better one if I'd started my day with it. I know it's hard but there's something to be said about getting up and getting your exercise in before the rest of the day gets in your way.

These are my last few pictures from the Race for the Cure. I have to say that was an excellent way to start the day. I'd love to get more pictures from this or any other race if you want to share. Enjoy the rest of the weekend and I hope to see you at Strollin' Moms on Monday.

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Christie said...

There's something said about getting up and getting a shower before the day's over, too! (That didn't happen for me yesterday).

I think all you runners should give yourselves a pat on the back!