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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Running Weather

I read somewhere that there's no such thing as bad running weather only bad running clothes. While I would choose to run on a nice Fall or Spring day, I know that it's still possible to have a good run in the heat of the Summer or cold of the Winter. Before it gets too cold outside, evaluate your running wardrobe. Do you have something to keep your ears/head warm? Do you have gloves for your hands? (My Fleet Feet running coach, Angi pointed out that these are good for running noses as well.) What about of pair of pants that keeps you warm without being too bulky (something about running in huge sweat pants isn't too appealing)? Obviously, you also need a long sleave shirt that doesn't soak in your sweat and make you colder (a tech shirt is idea for this). If you're missing one or more of these things, my suggestion is to make them part of your running wardrobe so you don't have room for excuses when it gets cold. One of my favorite running memories is when Bek and I were training for a half marathon and had to do our 10 mile training run in the snow and ice. Not the most ideal of circumstances but it sure made a difference at race time. I know that money is tight for most people right now, but in my opinion, it's worth the investment to keep your health in check.

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