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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Break the Boredom

This morning I was talking with one of my friends about how it's so much easier to get a good run in when you are with someone else. Running shouldn't be boring. Get your friends involved and make it an activity that you look forward to. As I look at these Race for the Cure pictures, I'm even more convinced that even hard things can be enjoyable when you have a buddy.


Holly said...

I found this blog through my friend Amy Dewaal's blog, and I live in Okey! Do you guys do Triathalons? I just did the Tie-dye-tri on Saturday. Looks like a fun running blog!

Oklahoma Running Mom said...

Hey Holly! I'm glad you found our blog. Amy Dewaal is awesome. I'm totally impressed that you did the tri. Bek has done one and loved it and I've always wanted to try one. Shoot us an email and we can "talk." oklahomarunningmom@gmail.com