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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Take the Time

I love the book, "You: the Owner's Manual" by Michael Roizen and Mehmet Oz. You might recognize Dr. Oz because he's on Oprah all the time (isn't it amazing how she makes people famous?!). The reason why I love the book is because it is easy to understand while giving an in depth description of how your body works. I want to share what I read today.

"Simply doing physical activity for twenty minutes is enough to make a difference---in your heart, your arteries, your bones, your joints, your attitude, and your whole health. To define that twenty minutes, it's twenty minutes of sustained activity that leads to your being slightly out of breath, or enough for you to break a sweat during that time. We know that you have responsibilities to jobs, kids, and the three-foot-high weeds in the backyard, but it's a good thing to be selfish when it comes to taking time for exercise-especially when you realize you'll be in better shape to take care of your kids or parents if you yourself are in better shape. If you're in a time crunch, we suggest setting the alarm clock back thirty minutes. The earlier you can do it, the fewer distractions you'll have to overcome."

Oz, Mehmet and Roizen, Michael. You: The Owner's Manual HarperCollins 2005. p 51.

We don't have to run 100 miles a day to take care of ourselves. It just takes a little at a time.

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